Hear the BEEP where you SLEEP     Have a Smoke Detector in every bedroom                               Fire Prevention Week  is October 4th thru the 10th

Fire Prevention

Elizabethtown Fire Station 2

To prevent fires, the Fire Department annually inspects over 1300 commercial occupancies in the City to identify conditions likely to cause fires or life safety hazards to the public or employees. The Fire Department also sponsors public fire education activities through response to individual questions, home visits, school and civic programs and Industrial Fire Prevention Programs for industrial businesses in the community. Firefighters also perform a Home Inspection Survey by visiting neighborhoods throughout the City checking for the use of smoke detectors and proper house numbering.

The Fire Department makes every effort to determine the cause of all fires that occur within the city and investigate all life hazard conditions. Records are transmitted to the Kentucky State Fire Marshal's Office for the identification of current trends in fire occurrences. When fires are determined to be incendiary in nature, the Fire Department coordinates with the Police Department to identify and seek prosecutions of the parties responsible.

The Fire Department also identifies at-risk juveniles who are involved in fire-setting at their families property or the property of others. The Fire Department works with juvenile authorities as a support resource when fire-setters have been identified.